Rug Cleaning

Destiny Floor Cleaning and Restoration of Oakland and Macomb Counties offers the best rug cleaning service that is delivered in excellent workmanship, affordable rates and backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee. We can deal with all types of rugs, may it be Persian, Oriental, Indian, Chinese, Silk, Wool or Synthetic. With our outstanding works, we’ll surely help in maintain the great condition of your rug, make them look new once again and help them last for a much longer period of time

Since rugs are not made from exquisite, stylish and luxurious materials, they require specific cleaning that will protect their fabrics or colors from getting damaged. Our rug cleaning service will only make use of safe and mild cleaning solutions when gently yet efficiently cleaning caring for rugs of all kinds or sizes. We also make use of the latest, most powerful equipment that will bring our clients outstanding and efficient results all the time.

We have a team of skilled and experienced cleaners that know and understand the correct cleaning technique that is compatible for a particular type of rug and will not cause any harm to its material or color. Moreover, our technicians are well-trained in distinguishing the rug’s fibers or dye material which is vital as it will help them to know which ideal cleaning method to use.

We also do stain and odor removal services to help make your home or business rugs spotless clean and smelling fresh.

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